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Dog Training

ABC For Dogs is run by -
Adrian Kollnberger B.A.Hons,MGODT, MCFBA.

Whether it is from puppy classes, obedience classes,dog agility classes through to behaviour or aggression issues, dog walking and pet sitting situated in the Medway area of Kent I am a dog trainer & behaviourist who is well positioned to supply training and behaviour solutions to the whole of Kent and South East area,both in your home on a one to one basis or in a class environment.
With experience gained in the Police Dog Training and handling environment along with a proven history of helping members of the public and their dogs with issues ranging from minor behavioural or obedience problems to severe aggression issues I will help you to understand your dog and achieve a happy, obedient and well balanced relationship in and outside of your home.

I understand that dogs are sensitive, intelligent and willing to learn,with this in mind I will teach you how to train your dog on a level that both of you will understand using proven humane training techniques centered around positive reinforcement and the psychology of the dog and owner relationship.
My training methods take into account the unique challenges you're facing, building a positive and trusting relationship between you and your dog.
My methods enable you to build a lasting, emotional bond based on trust and respect, which in turn aids in overcoming past challenges with your dog.
ABC For Dogs Dog Training focus' on owners too, so that once you learn to communicate effectively with your dog, you will have the necessary tools to
overcome your dogs training and behavioural issues.

Puppy Training Classes
Designed for Puppies from 9 weeks up to 6 months old we concentrate on structured socialisation, basic dog obedience, fun and games and endeavour to help you with any behaviour problems you have along the way.
Dog Obedience Classes
As we work mainly with family pets,we really want all the dogs we are involved with to be happy, well behaved members of society who can go anywhere with their families. Our Obedience classes follow the Kennel Club Good Citizen Scheme and we pride myself on running the classes in a relaxed and fun atmosphere for both dog and their owners.
One to one Training
Not everyone has the time to attend dog training classes or a class environment may not be suitable for solving the training problems that a dog has.In light of this I can one to one training sessions for dogs and their owners at a time and a date to suit them. These sessions can be tailored to meet individual requirements which I will be happy to discuss prior to the training session.
Behaviour and Aggression
As a qualified dog behaviourist and trainer I combine my training experience with my knowledge of behaviour and aggression problems to help owners overcome and understand their dogs issues.

Pet Insurance and Vet Referrals.
I am  recognised by Pet Insurance companies to accept vet referrals for behaviour issues.
Dog Agility
Is your dog constantly on the go? Does he move like a speeding bullet? Jump like a kangaroo? or do you want to do something different with your dog that will strengthen your relationship and give you both a fun,enjoyable activity to do together? - Then Dog Agility is for you
A dog is "tracking" when he is following the scent trail or disturbed vegetation scent, left by a person (or other animal) that has traveled along a certain route.
Tracking is a natural skill possessed by all dogs. Dogs that are trained to track people or animals are taught how to focus their skill and attention to complete a specific task.

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